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Knowledge Management for Government

Federal, state and local governments are facing a wave of workforce retirement. Agencies and departments are aggressively working to try and soften the impact of the retiring workforce by implementing a myriad of approaches including knowledge management, learning and training and succession planning. Management must ensure that the workforce has the competencies required to meet organizational goals, foster an environment that encourages continuous improvement, and capture institutional knowledge.

Initiatives such as communities of practice that attempt to lasso organizational knowledge by creating shared knowledge repositories help, but fall short because they lack structure and rigor. Contextware addresses this — capturing, organizing and disseminating information in an exceptionally concrete and useful way by including a healthy dose of discipline in the knowledge capture and harvesting process.

Capturing who, what, when, where, why, how.
Unlike other knowledge management solutions, Contextware brings a precise discipline to knowledge harvesting. The authoring environment relies on a proven business process language to gently extract a rich, multidimensional picture of how seasoned government employees do what they do. Multidimensional means not just precisely describing tasks, but clearly identifying the people, tools and information, as well as "mapping" inputs and outputs and what or who they impact across the organization.

Communicating who, what, when, where, why, how.
As knowledge is captured it becomes an organic knowledgebase, instantly available to employees, contractors, and partners via an easy-to-use Portal interface. The software's security model allows you to expose only the activities relevant to each user or group of users, as well as set different permission levels for user access.

How is this approach better?
The typical KM engagement looks something like this:

Lots of consulting up front and in the middle, then a software solution is recommended, usually some form of search engine.

Contextware cuts the knowledge management implementation process in about half — more than half the time, and less than half the cost. How? With Contextware, the "interview" stage uses business process rules to clarify thinking and ensure quality of knowledge capture. The resulting knowledge output instantly becomes input to the Portal, so knowledge is immediately communicated across the enterprise. And, the digital audit trail capability provides end user feedback that validates the usefulness of captured knowledge. So you know what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement.

The knowledge management bottom line for government: rapid results, significant organizational impact and the ability to address growing operational requirements.

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