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Policies & Procedures Solutions for Government.

The overwhelming bulk of work that takes place in federal, state and local governments is structured around standard operating procedures and accompanying policies that can and should be documented and shared in an online environment. As governmental organizations push to reduce paperwork, increase productivity, embrace newer initiatives such as telework and address compliance, the value of creating living, breathing digital manuals is increasingly apparent to government executives.

Consistency and refinement
Precisely documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs) requires that information is captured in a consistent manner. Consistency doesn't mean inflexible, but it does suggest that there is rigor required to help capture processes. Contextware has embedded a process methodology that is transparent to the person documenting the process, yet gently enforces a few basic rules to ensure a crisp consistency. As people think through how they do their jobs in rich detail, they make refinements and streamline processes. As the organization interacts with the output, improvements are more easily identified and changes can be made in real-time.

Easier administration
It's difficult to think through every step of a complex procedure. It's even more complicated to consider the resources, content and other people that also play a role. Our software is designed by business users for business users. We take complexity out of the equation and helps users think through a rich view of how they do their jobs.

Once SOPs are documented online, they can be linked via the Web to other authoritative sources of information, placing the user no more than two clicks away from the tools they need to get their job done. Administrators can more easily interact with the procedures and policies that impact their jobs, saving time, improving accuracy, and positively impacting compliance. Changes to rules and regulations can be made instantly.

Impact on compliance
F inance, accounting, administrative and program staffs are required to adhere to numerous regulations. With increasing involvement from oversight organizations and auditors including the inspector general, documenting SOPs for their review, and then ensuring that your staffs are interacting with those SOPs are key elements of any successful compliance requirement.

The hard cost benefits
Use of COTS software as a way to capture, organize, disseminate and operate around policies and procedures has a significant, positive impact on costs. Printing costs are minimized, reproduction and distribution is no longer an issue and shipping costs are eliminated. There are also significant soft cost benefits including increased productivity — it now takes less time to locate required documents and regulations, and a decreased burden on trainers and senior administrators who are typically tasked with training and reinforcing SOPs with employees.

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