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Business Process Management Solutions for
Software Companies.

Investments in Business Process Management (BPM) represent a company’s desire to better understand, communicate and continuously improve how they do business. BPM fundamentals include ‘process modeling’ in the traditional sense and with increasing frequency includes process automation and work flow, but done correctly it mostly involves people.

Software companies are looking to create significant competitive advantage by applying the fundamentals of BPM to marketing and sales processes, product management and development, consulting and implementation and customer service and support. More than simply documenting these processes, companies are communicating them across the organization to help identify areas of operational efficiency and process improvement.

Capture and dissemination of your company’s processes.
Our software was designed from the ground up by business users for business users. We’ve embedded a robust and proven business process language in our code and user interface which simplifies the complexity of ‘serious’ process modeling while still employing its rigor. The software “walks” users through the process and doesn't require extensive training in complex toolsets, it simply requires users to know their job.

As processes and activities are documented they are immediately published and communicated through the software. Unlike BPM consulting engagements that deliver a two dimensional paper or Powerpoint we render your processes in a web native environment that captures the multiple and complex dimensions of what you do.

Validation and continuous improvement.
Past approaches to BPM were incomplete, lacking an operational layer for employee interaction. Processes were modeled, workshops were held, manuals printed, and employees given motivational speeches about the "new way." Ultimately some structural changes were made but many employees went back to doing the things they did the way they always had.

Contextware’s solution for BPM doesn’t just capture processes; it records user interaction and usage, providing a rich breadth and depth of user feedback that gives managers insight into the "usefulness" of the processes that have been modeled. This explicit feedback can be aggregated, reviewed and analyzed so managers can engage in continuous process improvement, or what we call "Real Time Reengineering."

The bottom line on BPM.
The best businesses are differentiated by proprietary processes...the foundation and culture of their business. And you don't need to "optimize" your processes to benefit — merely capturing them and communicating them is a huge step in the right direction. Our solution lets you see what your employees do, or don't do, so you can easily start to make improvements. Get your hands dirty, document your processes then let your employees interact with them. Analyze the usage. Make improvements. Then think about bringing in consultants if and when problems and process opportunities start to emerge.

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