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Knowledge Management Solutions for Software.

Software companies continue to embark on knowledge and content management initiatives. Information and knowledge expands exponentially as new markets are attacked, new products are launched, and new methods and tools are developed by the organization. Companies seek to lasso their organizational knowledge assets by creating content and knowledge repositories and making those available to the organization through portals and shared databases.

But this doesn’t capture the intangibles like "knowledge" and "institutional memory" which Contextware does — in an exceptionally concrete and useful way by including a healthy dose of discipline in the knowledge capture and harvesting process

Capturing who, what, when, where, why, how.
Our authoring toolset uses a proven business process language to gently extract a rich, multidimensional picture of how your employees do what they do. Multidimensional means not just precisely describing tasks, but clearly identifying the people, tools and information, as well as "mapping" inputs and outputs to who and what they impact across the organization.

Communicating who, what, when, where, why, how.
As knowledge is captured into the software, it is instantly published and available to the enterprise worldwide via through an easy-to-use Portal interface. The software's security model allows you to expose only the activities relevant to each user or group of users for example employees, contractors, and partners, as well as set different permission levels for user access.

De-mystifying Knowledge Management.
Contextware cuts the KM implementation process in half — more than half the time, and less than half the cost. How? Our solution disintermediates a significant amount of consultant manpower since the "interview" stage of the software uses business process rules to clarify thinking and ensure quality of knowledge capture. The resulting knowledge output instantly becomes input to the Portal, so knowledge is immediately communicated across the enterprise. And, the Contextware digital audit trail provides end user feedback that validates the usefulness of captured knowledge. So you know what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement.

Contextware KM bottom line: less consulting, quicker implementation and real time validation.

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