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Knowledge Management Solutions for Utilities.

Many utilities companies are embarking on learning, knowledge and content management initiatives. As a large percentage of the utilities and energy work force approaches retirement age and attraction of new workers remains a significant challenge, companies are rapidly moving the capture and transfer for organizational knowledge up the strategic ladder.

Many companies seek to lasso their organizational assets by creating content repositories and making those available to the organization through portals and shared databases. Others sink significant investment dollars in learning management systems.

But these approaches don't go far enough to addressing the brain drain problem, and certainly can't help with capturing intangibles like "knowledge" and "institutional memory" which Contextware does — in an exceptionally concrete and useful way by including a healthy dose of discipline in the knowledge capture and harvesting process.

Capturing who, what, when, where, why, how.
We use a proven business process language to gently extract a rich, multidimensional picture of how your subject matter experts do what they do. Multidimensional means not just precisely describing the way they approach their tasks, but also clearly identifying the content, tools and information that they rely on and refer to when doing their jobs.

Communicating who, what, when, where, why, how.
As knowledge is captured into the software, it is instantly published and available to the enterprise via an easy-to-use Portal interface. Information is organized by business process and job function, providing a context for the people that access the content and business information to either learn from or reference as they perform their jobs.

De-mystifying Knowledge Management.
Contextware cuts the KM implementation process in half — more than half the time, and less than half the cost. How? Use of a methodology in the "interview" stage of the software provides structure and clarity which in turn makes the solution highly scaleable and across the business. As knowledge is captured into the software it can instantly communicated across the enterprise to learn from, react to, collaborate with or reference.

On the back end, the knowledge management solution provides a digital audit trail that yields explicit and implicit end user feedback on the usefulness of captured knowledge. So you know what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement.

Our KM bottom line: less consulting, quicker implementation, real time validation and information delivered in context.

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