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Consulting services that fit the way you work.

Contextware provides a complete range of consulting services to help you to capture high quality information for your specific implementation— maximizing your return on investment and quickly delivering promised benefits.

Our guarantee to our customers is that we will provide the exact, best consultant to meet your specific needs. If you have a process pain, we have some of the best process thinkers in the business. Whether you need help extracting knowledge, incenting or motivating your employees, if we can't provide the right person to do it, our partners can.

Partners and customers who engage our consultants can reduce the risk of project delays and failures and benefit from access to our subject matter and technical expertise. And, working with our consulting team from the outset will not just give you access to our technical skills, it will help you refine flawed processes and logic as they are captured, saving you from more consulting on the back end. Initial implementation is the ideal time for us to help you analyze your business logic and make you more efficient by eliminating redundancies and waste.

How much consulting do I need to get up and running with Contextware?

Very little. One of our goals in creating our software was to build something with the business user in minds. We designed it so that anyone could capture and manage what they do (their processes).

We believe consultants should be held accountable. Too many people make too much money (and deliver too little value) dancing with semantics, developing incomprehensible charts and flows and delivering a five inch thick, three ring binder that no one understands but the author. Contextware forces consultants to produce a real deliverable — a living Web environment that customers and their employees can interact with, and as they interact provide feedback that validates and refines the process.

So when would you need a consultant? Understanding process is tough. It's not natural nor intuitive, it takes effort, and experience in process "thinking" helps tremendously. Where consultants provide real value is by combining experience with being an outside observer unencumbered by organizational politics and culture.

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