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Business Process Management — easily mastered.

At Contextware, business process management is simply the desire to understand, communicate and continuously improve how you do business. Sometimes it involves "modeling," sometimes automation and information technology, but mostly it involves people.

Here's how our approach to BPM is different from the typical...

Simple to use.
Contextware was designed from the ground up for business users, not for "process" experts. And, even though Contextware utilizes a robust, proven business process methodolgy to get you going, we've made it transparent to the author, so it's unlike any process modeling tool you've ever seen — highly usable. To use you don't need extensive training in complex toolsets — you only need to know your job. We do the rest.

Instant "organic" deliverables.
As you model your processes and activities the information is immediately available to be published and communicated to whomever you choose. Unlike traditional BPM technology and their legions of consultants, who produce a paper or Powerpoint deliverable with the end goal of automating, you can work and produce deliverables in real-time.

Real-time feedback on business processes.
As your employees, customers and partners navigate, learn and access resources within Contextware, their actions are recorded, providing a rich breadth and depth of user feedback that gives you keen insight into the "usefulness" of your modeled processes. This explicit feedback can be aggregated, reviewed and analyzed so you can engage in continuous process improvement, or what we call "Real-Time Reengineering."

The bottom line on BPM.
Your business and employees are organized around processes. And no matter your industry, most if not the overwhelming majority of your business processes do not lend themselves well to BPM and automation. There is just too much human interaction, knowledge and decision making required...where BPM should play a supporting role and not the lead.

Contextware recognizes this and has created a solution that helps capture and communicate the how-to aspects of your business, helping to scale, operate around best practices and continuously improve your business.

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