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After-Action Reviews

After-action reviews (AAR) are structured, facilitated processes for de-briefing individuals and small or large groups. Originally developed by the U.S. Army, many other government and commercial organizations have adopted the process as part of their standard set of operational processes.

But how should you conduct an AAR? The U.S. Army field manual on the topic hasn't been updated since the mid-90's and while it is as powerful today as it was then, there are many more tools and templates out there to help you conduct an AAR than what is provided by the manual. Search the web for after action review and you get 13 million results...where do you start?

Contextware, using its proprietary software for defining and disseminating critical processes, has created a "how-to perform an AAR" guide in crisp step-by-step detail. Our editors have also identified and created dozens of additional tools, templates and content from around the web for you to use.

Important to note, the approach we've used for the AAR guide is the same we use for capturing any processes or business knowledge that needs to be shared and repeated.

Our approach:

As changes are made to the After-Action Review guide registered users are notified via email. Users are encouraged to submit their own examples of content and information for review so we can add to the Guide. Content is added monthly.

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