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Embed e-learning deep into your business.

You spend significant time and capital on hiring and training of employees. And depending on your business that cost can climb to more than 15% of an employee’s salary. Delivery of that training and continuous learning in a dynamic environment has significant impact on the customer experience and their perception of your organization.

Contextware's real time learning (RTL) is a delivery mechanism that is more than just a single instance of training and testing. Our software captures strategy, tactics, policies and procedures in a digital environment, linking employees to the resources required to complete their tasks. The process methodology embedded in the software means you can clearly articulate the what, why, who and how of doing business that is key to your organization and the way you want to operate.

Learn in real time, just in time.
The software is Web-based and secure and the learning environment continues remotely as an operating model, long after the employee has left the initial training environment. As policies and procedures change, the digital record of your processes and activities can be changed on the fly, helping to facilitate retraining. This is more cost effective (shaving up to 50% off of training costs) and more certain than dissemination by train-the-trainers, employee handbooks, or worse, by word-of-mouth.

Easily validate and verify.
The Contextware digital audit trail allows you to review and confirm that your employees are interacting with the software, clearly identifying top performers as well as underachievers. And, it helps you better understand what parts of your business need greater clarity, so you can easily target future training needs.

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