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Manage your sales force and sales processes
more effectively.

Contextware empowers businesses to manage their sales people and sales processes more effectively so account managers can close more business. Sales force automation (SFA) solutions such as, Siebel and others focus on providing better forecasts, visibility into pipelines and opportunity management -- all good stuff. But nothing...and we mean nothing...focuses on the process of selling itself. BTW, we augment these systems...we don't replace them.

Help your reps to win more deals.
Unlike much of the technology imposed on reps, Contextware is solely focused on making reps jobs easier and making them more effective. It starts with providing a workbench or sales playbook that explains with step-by-step clarity how reps should perform the various processes they're responsible for -- negotiating, prospecting, performing general administrative activities. Each step of every process in the sales playbook links the rep to everything they need to do their jobs including content, tools, templates and resources.

Clone your very best sales reps.
Ever known a sales exec that wanted to clone their most successful rep? A lot of what makes that rep successful is the way they execute. Contextware provides you with the platform to capture a detailed picture of selling best practices so they can then be shared and repeated, over and over and over again.

Provide executives with visibility into sales activities.
y creating a living, breathing model of how your people should prospect, sell and service clients your executives and be confident that the corporate strategy is being communicated and adopted all the way through to the tactics.

And, Contextware's audit trail capability provides the business with explicit feedback on system usage that validates the usefulness of captured knowledge. So you know what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement.

The bottom line: a sales playbook results in a clear, concise sales methodology, better execution, more sales.

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