System Requirements
The Power of Process
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Contextware Architecture

Contextware is a Web-native application, designed to leverage the fundamental benefits of the Web and Web interfaces. Contextware can be deployed on the client site or as a Web Service, depending on your specific requirements.

Contextware distributes.
Contextware disseminates captured expertise through the browser. There is no client side software required.

Contextware captures.
The authoring environment was built from the ground up specifically for business users, so they wouldn't need to learn and suffer from complex, confusing toolsets. Users only need to know their jobs, Contextware does the rest.

Contextware organizes.
The Contextware platform provides a unique, flexible approach to managing content. The system-wide topic taxonomy is dynamic, so it can be easily modified and updated. It only references asset metadata — allowing for seamless changes and upgrades of systems and resources. The core taxonomy is re-used across many processes, so that redundancy of asset instances is nonexistent. 

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