System Requirements
The Power of Process
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The Contextware platform

The critical innovation in Contextware's powerful, patented business platform comes from the convergence of two key technologies — business processes and content categorization.

This convergence allows organizations to use business logic and rules as a framework for consistently structuring content and related resources, then use business logic and rules for information retrieval, providing an specific context for business users.

Two Key Components
The Contextware platform serves as an authoring mechanism for gently extracting expertise and knowledge (and relevant content); and it's a delivery mechanism for disseminating the captured knowledge and content.

An Unexpected Benefit
Something surprising happens to our clients. Imagine knowing what your job is your first day on the job. Imagine knowing where to find the content and people you need right when you need them. Imagine identifying, based on their own actions, top performers as well as underachievers.

Real cultural change and real impact on organizational productivity. Not always pretty, sometimes painful, but ultimately for the better.

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